Feb 20, 2010

Episode 1 - The Hybrid

After a 7 year hiatus Dj Gower and Dj Matador Re-unite to bring you "Rhyme and Treason Radio" via the world wide web of the information superhighway. We are not professionals. We just love music. Our Goal is to expose people to the broad range of music that is out there in the world. Punk, Funk and all that other junk!

Featured in Episode 1 - the Clash, Buckethead, Nofx, the Toy Dolls, The Dwarves, Rancid, Rage Against The Machine, NIRVANA, Fight Music, Dave Matthews Band, Mac Dre, David Allen Coe, The Dickies, Tenacious D, ALO , Johnny Cash and many more.

Yes, all in the same episode.

We Like to set up Blocks of music with different themes. This episode finds us saying F*** alot, talking about the Radio and how we hate driving all the time.

Hope you enjoy it!