Sep 22, 2011

Episode 31 = Headphones Only

We searched the depths of our vault to create the best headphone listening experience anywhere on planet earth! Come join our legion of followers and be sure to check out our DJ Magic skills as we mash up Pink Floyd and Bjork on this episode as well as bringing you the most diverse and eclectic show on the world wide web.


1: A Tribe Called Quest - Intro

2: Guru - Slicker Than Most

3: Transformers - TV Theme Songs

4: Dave Chappelle - Fistacufs

5: Muse - New Born

6: Toy Dolls - Me and John Williams

7: Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart

8: Oysterhead Wield The Spade

9: NOFX -Pods & Gods

10: Scarface - You a Communist ?

11: Operation Ivy - Yellin' In My Ear


13: Pink Floyd - Another Brick Part 2    VS.    14: Bjork - Headphones

15: Beastie Boys - Tadlock's Glasses

16: Spaceballs - Ludicrous Speed

17: Minor Threat - Screaming At A Wall

18: A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour

19: Flight Of The Concords - Boom !

20: Paul Simon - The Cool, Cool, River

21: Soul Coughing - 4 out of 5

So Plug in those headphones and enjoy the trip!

And if your listening on your blown out speaker of your cell phone at full blast = STAY CLASSY !


Sep 8, 2011

Episode 30 = Grab Bag Edition

In this edition we throw a bunch of topics into a hat and pick them at random. Chaos ensues, laughter follows.

TOPICS up for discussion : Prom, Sex, DJ Matadors bands, Clowns, DJ Gabi's horrible topic choices, Herpes, Craig T. Nelson, China loves us but S. Korea won't listen, Fantasy Football, Back to School, 9/11, Crazy Craigslist posts, Donny Bird = Professional Roommate skit.

SETLIST = Inspector Gadget Theme Song, Grayboy All-Stars : Turnips Big Move, Pour Habit : Reality, Rickie Bobby : Big Red Commercial, Gogol Bordello : 60 Revolutions, Blues Traveler : Crash Burn (live), The Meters : Funky Music, Pennywise : Pennywise, Krusty's Comeback Special,  Instrumental break with a Forrest Gump clip, Run DMC : You Be 'illin, Ray Charles : I Got A Woman, Glory Daze : The only way to be a D.J., Incubus : Magic Medicine with Family Guy Clips, Forrest Gump : First Pair of Shoes, NOFX : Poser, Real Men of Genius : Mr. Fantasy Football Manager Commercial, Del The Funky Homosapian : Off My Couch, Saturday Night Live : Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor Commercial, Black Crowes : High Head Blues, Dave Matthews Band : Two Step (live), Barry White : Shaft Theme, SLAYER, Anchorman : Cat Poop Dinner, Off With Their Heads : Falling Apart AND MORE !!!

ALSO = We are having a contest to come up with a better name for DJ Mrs. Gower, can you think of one? Send it to us @