Aug 28, 2012

Episode 52 = Late Night Radio

Late Night Radio is our most mellow show EVER !

Filled with our favorite tunes to burn the midnight oil, we bring you an hour of trippy sounds and groovy beats.

SETLIST = David Gray - Late Night Radio / Cory Hart - Sunglasses At Night / Cake - When You Sleep / Jack Johnson - Dreams Be Dreams / Deftones - Passenger / Rock-A-Bye Baby - Paranoid Android (radiohead cover) / Franz Ferdinand - Lucid Dreams / Bjork - Possibly Maybe / Gorillaz Vs. Space Monkeys - Starshine (Dub) / A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight / Jimi Hendrix - Rainy Day, Dream Away / King Of Leon - Manhattan / Smashing Pumpkins - SOMA / The Cure - Lullaby (acoustic) / Faithless - Insomia / Beck - Paper Tigers / Thicker Than Water - Dark Water And Stars / LAMB - Lusty / The Doors - End Of The Night  = AND MORE !!!

Here's to the insomniacs, the night owl's, all you late night freaks, Cheers!


Aug 14, 2012

Episode 51 = The Shredder Edition

On this episode we go full throttle, balls to the wall, hardcore shredding your face with the most insane tracks ever compiled by one podcast.

This show was made with one thing in mind.. Shredding.

Be it on your board, in the gym working out or just pumping yourself up for a fight, this show will get your blood pumping and your eardrums ringing.

Tune In, Turn it up and don't hold back.