Nov 20, 2012

Episode 58 = ELECTRO-SPACE

On this episode DJ Gower flies this mission solo and brings you mix of spaced out electronic beats and out of this world sounds clips with enough funk to blast a Russian cosmo-chimp into the next galaxy.  Oh, and we DO NOT TALK at all on this show. sorry about that. or your welcome. either way. Blast off in 5,4,3,2......


Nov 1, 2012

Episode 57 - Volume 2 = PUNK Rock The Vote

It is almost election day, time to make a decision - So screw both the candidates and elect Rhyme And Treason as your new Empirical Leader. On this episode we unleash DJ Matador's vault of hardcore punk and metal upon the masses and another installment of "Matador's Rampage" where DJ Matador goes off about the current political climate in an attempt to destroy our ratings.