May 30, 2013

Episode LXIX = Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. Or, According to Wiki a more accurate translation of "Carpe Diem" would be "enjoy the day" or "pluck the day". So in honor of living in the moment, or as the kids say these days "YOLO"  we bring you the latest and greatest blend of Rhyme and Treason tunes and we introduce DJ McNasty and the return of DJ LG3 and DJ Matador panics!

Thanks again for tuning in and remember the true words of Horace : "Be wise, Be Truthful, Strain the Wine, and scale back your long hopes to a short period. While we speak, Envious time will have fled: Seize the day, Trusting as little as possible in the next."

Tune in for tracks from : Talking Heads, Offspring,Pennywise, A Tribe Called Quest, The Lumineers, Kid Cudi, David Gray, The Vandals, Ben Harper, The Avett Brothers and MORE !!!


May 16, 2013

Episode 68 = Air Raid

Take to the skies with Episode 68 the Air Raid edition. We drop bombs on your eardrums with tunes from Muse,  System of a Down, Motorhead, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica,  Outkast, Me First and  More !!


May 1, 2013

Episode 67 = Songs with Sequels

The idea is simple enough, Song with sequels. Part 1 and 2.. even a part 3 in some cases.  Our guest DJ's Rae C-Lo and Ry90X return with there insight on the new Sacramento Kings Arena situation and Ry90X nearly kills himself with his Extreme workout session.

This episode has Sequels from: NOFX ( Liza and Louise / Liza ), James Brown ( Super Bad Part 1,2 ), Snoop Dogg/Nate Dogg/Dr. Dre/Xzibit /Eminem ( B*tch Please, B*tch Please 2), The Police ( synchronicity 1,2 ), Galactic ( Everybody Wants Some  1,2,3 ), Outkast ( Da Art of Storytellin'  1,2 ), Lunachicks ( Brickface and Stucco, The Return of Brickface and Stucco ), Screeching Weasel ( High School Psychopath part 1 )/ The Queers ( High School Psychopath part 2 ), Mr. Bungle ( Jumping 1,2 ), Pink Floyd ( Another Brick in the Wall 1,2 and 3 )

Happy May Day !