Sep 25, 2013

Episode 72 = Police State

Have you ever been to jail ? We haven't, or else we couldn't keep making these show, but thankfully but we were able to get really drunk and could agree that it sure feels like we are living in a Police State more and more each day . 

Songs from - The Clash, Johnny Cash, NWA, System of a Down, Operation Ivy, Eminem, NOFX, Football Cops ( Payton and Eli Manning ), Nine Inch Nails, Toy Dolls, Dead Kennedys, Jane's Addiction, Gogol Bordello AND MORE !!!


Sep 9, 2013

Episode 71 = Back To School

After a summer break we return to the internet airwaves to bring you Episode 71 = Back To School
Its a real bell ringer.. either that or you are just late for class.  We are sure to get an A+ in Podcasting, so tune in to our show and tune out your teacher.

Songs and sound clips played on this episode include but are not limited to =
 Nirvana - School
Chuck Berry - School Days
Tenacious D - Classical Teacher
Beastie Boys - Just a Test
Slick Rick - Teacher, Teacher
Kanye West - School Spirit Skit
Primus - Mr. Knowitall
Rodney Dangerfield - Back To School Skit
Van Halen - Hot for Teacher
Burning Spear - Old School
The Hangover - School Zone Skit
Pennywise - Same Old Story
John Goodman - Revenge of the Nerds Speech
Pearl Jam - Jeremy

.......... AND MORE !