Oct 22, 2013

Episode 74 = Myths and Monsters ( Halloween 2013 Edition )

Ghosts, Bigfoot, Vampires, Chupacabra, Loch Ness and all those other mythical creatures came out for this spooky edition of Rhyme and Treason. We shed some light on these mysteries with more accuracy than that dude with the crazy hair on the History Channel. 

So come shake your bones to these Monster themed tunes as this show lights up like a Jack O Lantern on All Hallows Eve !

Tune in... If you dare !! 


Oct 4, 2013

Episode 73: Under The Bridge = The Homeless Edition

Even Homeless people have smartphones nowadays so there are no excuses to not listen to this show. We dive into a dumpster of hits to bring you episode with tunes about transients, bums, gutterpunks and hobos. This show is hotter than a food kitchen on thanksgiving, so grab your favorite cardboard box or shopping cart and come rock out with us.

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