Feb 18, 2014

Episode 80: Four More Years!!

Come celebrate with us as we bring you a very special show that runs for over 1 hour while we party it up for being around for longer than Kennedy was President!(Too Soon?)  We never thought that the most out of control,drunken in your face podcast on the internet would have lasted this long... So lets raise our glasses; Here is to another 4 years of Rhyme.... And Treason!


Feb 6, 2014

Episode 79: Storytellers

We have assembled some of musics greatest storytellers together for this edition of our show from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to Sublime, A Tribe Called Quest, Pennywise and much more. DJ Matador tells us an amazing story about a psycho global warming taxi driver and much more glory, right here...

Don't be jealous that our quality and variety destroy your podcast, just listen and enjoy.