Apr 24, 2014

Episode 84: Growing Old Is Getting Old

Let's face it, we ain't getting any younger folks. So we decided to put this show together before Alzheimer's kicks in and we forget what life was really all about. DJ Matador and DJ Gower rant about back pain, hangovers and how we hate Justin Beiber.

SETLIST = Silversun Pickups - Growing Old Is Getting Old, Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead, Bad Religion - The Past Is Dead, Atmosphere - The Key To Life Vs. 15 Minutes Of Fame, Kid Cudi - Soundtrack To My Life, Lagwagon - Falling Apart, Off With Their Heads - The Eyes Of Death, Nine Inch Nails - Complications Of The Flesh, Nirvana - Curmudgeon, Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter Of A Small Town, Neil Young - Old Man, Pennywise - You Get The Life You Choose, Iggy Pop And The Stooges - Lust For Life, Screeching Weasel - I Hate Old Folks, The Black Crows - Young Man / Old Man, TV On The Radio - Golden Age, The Avett Brothers - The Perfect Space, David Gray - Hold On To Nothing.

Now go press play and while your at it... Get off my lawn!!!  


Apr 9, 2014

Episode 83: HOUSE PARTY!

On this episode we turn the mics off and just rock the house with some good old fashioned party music. So crank up your mom and dads stereo and put on your dancing shoes, things are about to get wild. Classic Rap tunes fill this episode with a few rockers in there as well. Enjoy this episode with some friends and a cold beverage.