Nov 19, 2014

Episode 94: Nickel And Dimed

Episode 94 is all about the Dollar.. or the lack thereof. Every day, hard working people toil and suffer as the ruling elite swim in the profits of our labor like some sort of real life Uncle Scrooge McDuck. This show is not for profit; hell if anything we pay to bring you these epic podcasts so in the spirit of the season just be thankful we still make them and since the show is free it also makes for a great holiday gift for that special broke ass on your list.

We Apologize for the delay in the shows release as we had to fight off a nasty computer virus and the vocals may be a bit quiet so have your volume control ready for this one :)  



Cock Sparrer - Working, Avett Brothers - Hard Worker, Merle Haggard - Working Man's Blues, Sublime - Work That We Do, Patty Smith - Free Money, Easy Dub All Stars - Money (Pink Floyd Cover), *Exclusive DJ Matador Mix for Episode 94, Fight Music - F**k The 1 Percent, The Jefferson's Theme Song, Rage Against The Machine - Ashes In The Fall, Modest Mouse - Broke, Tilt - John For The Working Man, Frank Sinatra - Pennies From Heaven, Blackalicious - Don't Let Money Change 'Ya, Bad Religion - My Poor Friend Me, Stiff Little Fingers - Kill For Money, SubHumans (UK) - Work-Play-Rest-Die... AND MORE!