Dec 29, 2015

Episode 112 - All Alone

DJ Gower here, All Alone making this crappy podcast without DJ Matador. Some of the things you might notice on this show is a lot less punk than usual. Not that I don't like it but I felt a return to my old school days of mixing it up and without DJ Matador to tell me what songs suck I just went for it. And honestly not a lot of punk bands write songs complaining about being alone, I mean they are punks not some emo softy who has feelings so what was a host to do. Don't fret though, Anarchy still reigns supreme as always here as we have tracks from The Gorillaz, Kool Keith, Hall and Oats, Silversun Pickups, Royal Blood (UK), Guttermouth (see there is some punk, chill out bro), The Doors, Dave Matthews Band, Avett Brothers, Sturgill Simpson, Alabama Shakes, Outkast, Radiohead, Queen and MORE!!! 


Dec 14, 2015

Episode 111- Anything goes edition

Howdy Folks,

In this episode we bring you the anything goes edition. We recorded the vocals at a Guttermouth concert and via cell phone. Hopefully 2016 will allow DJ Gower and DJ Matador to meet up more frequently and pound beers and make more episodes. In this episode we give a shout out to the Paris Victims, complain about the price of sculpin and play some kick ass random music. Podbean can kiss my ass and hopefully Kenny (Our only Faithful listener) Likes this one. So thanks for listening if you did we will come out swinging in 2016 our 6th year of exhistance.
Keep on Truckin,
Artist Include: D12, The Heavy, Willie Nelson, Queen, Chicago, The vandals, Doom Tree, Dr Dre (Feat Exhibit), As I Lay Dying, Good Riddance, Lag Wagon, NOFX (Champs Ellise), Lamb of God, The Beastie Boys, Mitzy Gaynor and a whole lot more.
Stay Tuned for Back to back DJ Gower original episodes (I'm stoked).