Jan 21, 2016

Episode 113 - Save Yourself

DJ Gower here, the archangel of Treason. Today the good lord bestowed upon us Episode 113 - Save Yourself, an podcast devoted to the soul-less flock of followers we have amassed over our almost 6 years of podcasting. This show will test your faith and make you question the afterlife as Satan himself couldn't stop our relentless pursuit of podcast perfection. 

Be sure to send your hate filled rants to us at rhymeandtreasonraido@gmail.com so we can post them to our twitter page and make fun of you for believing in some invisible savior of lost souls. With tunes from Hank Williams III, TOOL, Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Wonder, Cake, a super neat self made "Mash Up" on Kanye West and Sizzla' - because we are obscure like that, Lambach, Beastie Boys, The Black Crows, Temple of the Dog, Tori Amos, Tenacious D, Slayer, Alice In Chains, Porno For Pyros, Modest Mouse, Dave Matthews AND MORE!!! 
Repent your sins, or don't. Just listen to our show.