Feb 5, 2016

Episode 114 - Kid Songs for Grown Ups

Hey Kids its our 6th birthday and we wanted to make a show that fit our age! But you better ask your parents permission before downloading this show as we do what we do best, offend everyone. Actually, as far as this podcast is concerned I feel its like 90% safer than any other show we have done before. However if you or your child are offended by any of our content, please be sure to drive yourself off of a cliff and save the rest of us from your pathetic existence. Kids songs tend to make me want to do just that and that is why I (DJ Gower) enlisted my 5 year old to help me select some of the songs for this show. Kid Tested and Dad approved. Now go climb a tree or throw a ball around or something. Setlist includes songs from - NOFX, The Raconteurs, Dead Kennedys, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon, A.L.O., GURU, Dave Matthews Band, Another Bad Creation, Avett Brothers and MORE!!!