Mar 25, 2016

Episode 116 - EL NINO!

There is a Storm-A-Brewin' over here at Rhyme and Treason Radio. Mark Zuckerberg has sunk our battleship by banning our main Facebook profile so before we drown in the data oceans of social media we thought we would rain down some serious musical diversity on all of you. A tsunami of sound will punish your eardrums like the shores of Fukushima, radiating out throughout the globe. While we here in California find ourselves drought stricken yet record rain and snowfall continue this El Nino weather we thought we would be your musical meteorologists and guide you through the following 14 day forecast of epicness that is Rhyme and Treason Radio. A Monsoon of songs from the likes of Deltron, Beck, Pour Habit, Red Hot Chili Peppers, DJ Q-Bert, Bob Dylan, Me First (and The Gimme Gimmes), The "King" - Elvis (yep, really), That One Guy, Reagan Youth, D.O.A., G. Love and Special Sauce, Jimi Hendrix, Mumford and Sons, as well as drunken rants from DJ Gower and DJ Matador and Wingstop, consumerism, Trailer Parks, DJ Gower's Subaru purchase and the epic story of "Ice Road Matador" AND MORE! 


Mar 2, 2016

Episode 115- The 6 Year Anniversary edition

Howdy Folks,
DJ Matador Here bringing you the 6 year anniversary edition. 6 years later and were still shredding you with rhyme and treason. This episode features all new music from 2015/16 as well as a tribute at the end of the episode to those we lost in 2015. DJ Gower get's extremely plowed on this one making it a total shit show, were going back to our roots as we mock Germany and talk a lot of shit. So sit back and enjoy new music and some classics,  6 more years of Rhyme and Treason I say.
Thanks for listening,

Artists Include: Teenage bottlerocket, Dr. Dre (feat. Eminem), Austrian Death Machine, After the fall, Smokey Bastard, Atomic Machines (R.I.P), Kendrick Lamar, The Reverand Horton Heat, Ignite, Millencolin, Good Riddance, Motorhead, Sean Price and many more.