2016 June
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Music Themed Podcast hosted by 2 former Radio D.J.’s who like to drink, laugh and hate the world.


'Merica! F**k Yeah! Celebrating the 4th a little early this year so DJ Matador and I can relax and enjoy the holiday the right way, like true Americans; Sh**faced drunk and making new podcasts for the summer season of more people still not listening to our show. It's unlikely we will begin to care anytime soon either. Also, No setlist for this show so (if you must) go and "Like" our page on Facebook and ask us what song it was. Or just use the power of the internet to do the work for you as well. I can tell you that this music will go perfectly with your backyard fireworks and bbq's because it offends everyone equally. Cheers and a Happy Birthday to the U.S. of A.!

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