Feb 28, 2017

Episode 127 Compalicous

Howdy Folks DJ Matador here bringing you compalicous. This episode features random songs off compilation albums as DJ Gower and DJ Matador pound beers at 6:30 pm. DJ Gower mentions soundtrack but you won't hear a single soundtrack song. Its going to be its own episode because we are running out of ideas. From Punk O Rama to monster 80's this is the compilation edition of rhyme and treason that has a lot of punk rock. Thanks for your support listeners, our anniversary edition only has 16 downloads...The struggle continues.

Compilations rock,


Compilations used in this pod cast:George Jones 40 years of duets, Jock Jams Vol 3, Awesome 80’s, Now Vol 16, Shady XV, Look Out Records Heidi Sez, Short Music For Short people, Victory Style Vol 3, Classic Disco, Rock Against Bush Vol 2, Show and Tell a remembrance of TV themes, Forever Free a Tribute to Sublime, Motown Gold, Vans Warped tour 2006, Were a happy family- a tribute to the Ramones, Kung Fu Sampler 2 the gone with the wind of punk rock compilations and many more

Artist Include: The Dwarves, The Vandals, Busta Rhyme (Feat Eminem) D12, George Jones, Devo, The Village People, Rush, Green Day(Covering the Ramones), The Ofspring, No Use For a name, The Crumbs, Pennywise (Covering Sublime), Dance Hall Crashers, GWAR, Pulley, Guttermouth, Catch 22, Tilt, Dick Vitale, Gretchen Wilson (Kinda) and many more.


Feb 14, 2017

Episode 126- The 7 Year Anniversary edition

Howdy folks,

DJ Matador Here Bringing you the 7 year anniversary edition. That's right we have been making this amazing podcast for 7 years. In this episode DJ Matador claims only 200,000 people died in world war one after killing too many brain cells the night before... DJ Gower fondly remembers the first episode and how he almost quit. Lucky for you we are still here delivering a high quality podcast that is just getting started 7 years later. 7 More years of rhyme and treason I say, when we are 40 the real bitching will start and we will pass out even earlier.  7 Years=$840 to podbean- $40 from Kenny Blake.

Well worth every penny,



Artist Include: Beastie Boys, Flogging Molly, Rancid, Hank williams 3, Presidents of the usa, A Tribe Called Quest, After the Fall, Guttermouth, NOFX, Pulley, Cypress Hill and Many More!