Jun 29, 2017

Episode 133- The Motivator Part 2

Howdy Folks,

DJ Matador here bringin you the motivator part 2. We have DJ Gower Via The Phone Lines (weak) and we discuss bbqing, Craft Beer, And DJ Gower's 2nd Kid Prospect. We also discuss the Lack of motivation, which is the main topic of this episode. Do you struggle to do shit? Well put this podcast on and clean your disgusting bathroom or change that dirty diaper and rock out. I drink and clean to mask my overall hatred of society and now I have a soundtrack to do so.



Artists Include: Slayer, The Vandals, Pour Habit, Eminem, Ice Cube, Doug Stanhope (Stand UP), Motown, DJ Q bert, Big Wig, The Dwarves, NOFX, Rage Against the machine, Guttermouth, Beastie Boys, Full Metal Jacket (Clip) and many more.


Jun 9, 2017

Episode 132- The Motivator Part 1

Holy lack of motivation batman,

We suck and had a month of self loathing but we are trying to get our shit together. Do you ever struggle to do anything and just sit on your ass? hopefully this episode motivates you, DJ Gower does his vocals via the phone and we talk shit about craft beer.I pay ten dollars a month to this shitty ass website named podbean just to keep the prospect of partying with DJ Gower alive, So get motivated motha fuckers, here comes every artist on the podcast is listed for once.

Motivation is lacking,


Artists: A Tribe called quest, Hank williams, Hank 3, Nofx, Blank 77, Enemy You, Off With Their heads, Dr Dre (compton) Weezer, Soul Coughing, Johnny Cash, War Bringer, Deth Klok, As I Lay Dying, At The gates, Fenzyl Rhomb and a big fuck you!!!