Episode 135: Funk-O-Rama
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Music Themed Podcast hosted by 2 former Radio D.J.’s who like to drink, laugh and hate the world.

August 11, 2017

Episode 135: Funk-O-Rama

Get ready to get funky y'all.

This is funk like you've never experienced before, and as only Dj Gower and DJ Matador can do.

Rhyme And Treason Radio will one day grow to be the largest podcast in human history. Be sure to listen now so you can tell your friends how cool you were for being the first kid on your block to know about us "back when they were more funky" 

Unexpected songs from: Snoop Dogg, G. Love and Special Sauce, Galactic, Santana, Everlast, The Clash, Ben Harper, Red Hot Chili Peppers and so much more! We even get a guest appearance from the "Ginger Ninja" - DJ E.J.


This is episode 1 of the 11 part "Epic Chico Recording Sessions" series.  



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