Episode 128- A tribute to those who died in 2016 Part 1


Howdy Folks,

DJ Matador here bringing you a tribute to those who died in 2016. While making this edition I discovered bands I never would of heard of and way too many awesome tracks to just do one episode. It seemed like 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people and 2017 will be much better. So Sit back and enjoy this eclectic set list of artists that died in 2016. Stay tuned for part 2 it will be equally as awesome, some really talented artists died in 2016 and through music they can be immortal.

This is a tribute through music,


Artists Include: Never Say Never(R.I.P Chris), Prince, Otis Clay, Merl Haggard, Ralph Stanley, The Mar-Keys, Hammerbox, Stone Temple Pilots, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russel, Glenn Fry, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bobby Vee,  A tribe Called Qhues (R.I.P Phife Dog),  David Bowie and Many More.