Episode 317- The Right To Choose
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Music Themed Podcast hosted by 2 former Radio D.J.’s who like to drink, laugh and hate the world.

July 7, 2022

Episode 317- The Right To Choose

Howdy Folks,

Roe Vs Wade was overturned and we play all abortion tracks. We completely support reproductive rights and feel bad for all the Ladies out there. Matador talks way to much shit about the south (Sorry southern listener) and we talk Nuclear Annihilation and the government regulating on a Women's body. Some classical dubstep (hell yeah)? Punk, Grunge, Metal and Hip hop and comedy. We actually did it in person and DJ Gower and Matador are pretty damn plowed on this one. Thanks for listening as we are back with a vengeance and support Pro Choice.

Thanks For Listening,


Artist include: Mudhoney, Tilt, Tech nine, Guttermouth George K and many more.



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